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Create an activity-focused work environment - scatter the piled up application
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27 November 2012

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A virtual desktop provides a virtualization of multiple workplace on the user’s computer where the user can have the ease of accessing a host of applications in an organized way. As you work through a large number of applications in a multi user interface operating system, your single desktop can get easily overcrowded leading to hassles in simultaneous operations on multiple tasks. Actual Virtual Desktops solves this problem with ease by allowing user to work simultaneously on easily switchable multiple desktop environments where the applications can be moved to other desktop rather than dealing with all the windows on a single interface.

Actual Virtual Desktops v.3.1 provides a simple drop down menu for selecting other desktops and moving application windows over them. The user gets benefited by working on multiple logically grouped interfaces where you can sort and organize a number of simultaneous windows of work, entertainment, Internet etc. on separate desktops, thereby avoiding piling up of a number of application windows on a single desktop. The task of moving application to another desktop can be either done manually or you can automate this procedure by defining the default rules for an application to be moved on certain desktop whenever it is launched. The program has been designed in such a way so that even a user with average computer skills can work install and work on it. For ease of identification of each desktop you can set custom wallpaper on the desktops and can assign hotkey for switching between them.

To sum up, Actual Virtual Desktops v.3.1 is a utility oriented application which is especially recommended for users who often face the problem of desktop overcrowding and difficulty in remaining focused on the important tasks. Hence, it receives a score of three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

If your computer is your workplace, with this virtual desktop manager you will be able to increase your productivity sufficiently - work on multiple tasks simultaneously and stay focused on just those that you need at the moment. Plus, you won't be distracted by what's not currently urgent or necessary and by the crowd of windows on your desktop and icons on the taskbar, as you'll see just those that are related to your current job.
Actual Virtual Desktops is a virtual desktop manager that allows creating an activity-focused work environment and remove the unnecessary distraction by scattering the multitude of piled up application windows over a number of independent virtual desktops and grouping the applications on the desktops by activities they involved into. With Actual Virtual Desktops, you can create as many virtual desktops as necessary, replacing the single, often overcrowded Windows desktop, and utilize the full power of your operating system, including Windows system utilities, in any window on any of your numerous virtual desktops.
You can arrange your applications on your desktops by hand or have the program do that automatically. To arrange application windows automatically, simply define the rules telling the program on which desktop the certain window is to be sent whenever it's launched.
The program installs seamlessly, doesn't require extensive configuration or in-depth computer expertise. To quickly identify each of your virtual desktops, you can set custom wallpaper on each desktop. To quickly switch between desktops, you can assign custom hotkey to each virtual desktop. And to manage your windows manually within the virtual desktops infrastructure, you can use the typical window control elements like extra caption button, special item in each window's system window menu, customizable hotkeys, etc.
Actual Virtual Desktops
Actual Virtual Desktops
Version 4.3
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